Cycle 4 CMT - 6th Annual Cycle 4 CMT
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Yohan & Athos’ Story

Athos: Yohan and I had so much fun trail riding when we were younger. Oh, the stories we could tell!! I'll never forget the time I stepped in a bee's nest and ran for my life with Yohan on my back! 

Yohan: Athos, I thought you were going to toss me! Thank God for your sturdy mane!! And at the time, I was able to use my hands to hold on - tightly!!

Athos: When you got a little older, you rode me less and less. That was a stressful period! I thought it was all my fault. Did I eat too much? Were you embarrassed about my height? Was I too messy? Remember the heart-to-heart discussion we had? The day you told me about CMT? When you first mentioned CMT, I thought - Country Music Television - Yee-Haw! We are going to be Country Music Stars!

Yohan - I was wondering why you started running around the pen, kicking, bucking and acting so excited.

Athos - Well, when you explained that CMT stands for Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease NOT Country Music Television, I was bumming. For anyone who does not know, CMT is a progressive nerve disease that affects the hands, feet, legs, spine and balance. I still remember our last ride together like it was yesterday.

Yohan: Well, I'm just glad we were able to keep you in our family! And, you live in a beautiful pasture with all your long-time friends. For me, the best part is that I can come and visit often.

Athos: But I miss you and I have an idea!  

Yohan: I miss you too, Athos. Now, I’m afraid to ask what’s going on in your horse brain?  

Athos: I may not be the youngest horse in town, or the fittest, but I sure am the most determined. Yohan, let's do the mile together - teamwork, my friend. If we raise enough money, would you ride me a mile? You won’t have to walk….I can do that for you (4 legs are better than 2!) and Lord knows, we both need the exercise!

Yohan: You sure you can handle a mile, Athos? You've bulked up a bit over the winter. You must have gained, like, 200 extra pounds. 

Athos: Hey, buddy. Don't worry about me.......You might want to get in shape yourself!

Yohan: I'm in if you're in.

Athos: Deal!!

Athos and Yohan: Please sponsor our walk. We are walking together, as a team, to raise money for CMT research. Give generously!!

Athos: For every $10 raised, I get a carrot! So don't be shy about giving. I'll start the diet tomorrow - LOL!!! (Thanks for the idea, Family Friend, Shirley!) 

Love - Your friends,

Athos and Yohan

PS: We chose $5,200 for a goal - Yohan and I are both 26. 26+26=52, so we figured $100 for every year lived would be a good idea. 



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